The conceal and carry class is very thorough and informative.

Kyle S.

Impeccable knowledge & instruction. All you need to know class about rules, laws, regulation & even firearm tactics! Highly recommended.

Christopher M.

The instructor is a wonderful teacher! I’d recommend this course to any of my family or friends!

Mercedes C.

My son has been teaching for a couple years now, very impressed with how the curriculum is laid out. It’s been ‘a few’ years since I’ve been around guns but he made it very easy to get back in the swing of things. The class I went to had a few other people in it, and we met at a restaurant which actually made it more laid back and enjoyable. Plenty of questions from myself and others and he answered then flawlessly. I will say if he doesn’t know the answer to something he will say he doesn’t know, and he will find the right answer and let you know. I did notice however he was very open with giving his contact information to all the students so they could contact him if they had any questions in the future. The blackfoxdefense com website could use some more posts but I’m sure that will come in time as he’s busy with work and raising a family. Great job Sir!

Ryc L.

Great conceal and carry course. The instructor was knowledgeable on the information that was presented which made it easy to understand. I recommend that people take the conceal carry course through Black Fox Defense.

Kayla T.