Meet our Instructors

Black Fox Defense is devised of instructors that have experience in carrying firearms with a permit to carry, instructing permit to carry courses, and having experience in various fields involving firearms. All instructors are current military and some have expanded their educational and career paths to include law enforcement, emergency management and homeland defense. Our instructors are currently also seeking additional training from nationally accredited organizations known for firearms and defense safety training.


Trenton Lyden

Lyden is currently in the U.S. Army and is tasked with additional responsibilities such as unit armorer. Before being activated (and returning after his tour of duty) he worked as a Security and Emergency Management Coordinator for a metropolitan school district. His experience also includes armed security for the same school district, mobile patrol operations, special accounts and more. Educational background consists of an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, Minnesota SKILLS graduate, multiple training certificates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, workshops with Minnesota Department of Public Safety for Emergency Management, and more.