I kindof want a gun. What should i get?


Many people have heard someone say, “I think I’m going to get a gun, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.” There is no simple answer, unless you’re talking to me (get a glock hahaha).  It’s a very controversial thing to talk about because there are many ways to go about it.  You can base your decision on things such as: looks, weight, size, caliber, magazine capacity, price, and materials used to make the firearm.  Well some of those things may seem more important than others for, a first time buyer and an avid firearm enthusiast are not going to agree on what is or is not important.  The biggest thing for me personally is are there alot of people that own one of these?  Buying a gun that has a very popular customer base, such as a glock 19, makes it much easier to find exactly what you want for it. Holsters, magazines, sights, and other aftermarket parts are a dime a dozen with a popular choice.  Another question to ask is why is it so popular? Price? Reliability? Fun? While in most cases it will be a combination of these, just because it’s popular doesn’t make it the only good option for a first time buyer.

The single most important thing is that you get a firearm that is comfortable specifically for you and for what you are using it for. Go out to a gun store and try out anything that catches your eye. Ask questions!! I cannot stress this enough.  If you don’t know alot about guns or never had a chance to work with them, never be ashamed or embarrassed to ask.  I talk to a ton of people that go out looking at guns and decide not to get one simply because they don’t want to look dumb.  This honestly makes me sad to hear.  You wouldn’t make fun of a med student for asking a surgeon about what he’s doing.  This is no different.  Handling and carrying firearms is a life or death situation everytime.  Either you make smart and safe choices because you are properly trained and educated, or you make poor and often deadly mistakes because you never asked the basic questions about handling your first firearm. I know this is getting a little off topic but learning the rules of firearm saftey is the first thing you should do before purchasing your firearm.  It shouldn’t even take that long most of it is common sense stuff but there is a reason for everything.

What might you want to look for whIle at the store?  Alot of people don’t know what to look for in there first firearm. 100% clueless to what is or is not popular, brand names, different types, calibers, etc.  For your first purchase I often recommend a 9mm for a handgun and a shotgun for a rifle.  This is because both of these calibers are cheap, readily available, and fun to shoot at the range.

I can’t tell you how many guns I’ve shot and had fun with, but nothing more than my 12 guage benelli m4.  The 12 gauge shotgun has such a wide variety of different uses and different rounds, it makes it arguabliy the most versatile firearm out there. That’s a whole topic on its own.  Basic idea though, shotgun shooting is always a fun time.

The 9mm is talked down alot in the gun community because people tend to like bigger, more powerful rounds.  In all honesty the 9mm is sufficient in almost any predicament that you may fine yourself in.  On top of that, the 9mm ammunition is extremely cheap and any place you go that has handgun ammo will be stocked with it.  Cheap and readily available ammunition is great for the every day person because it allows you to spend more time practicing and training at the range and still be quite affordable.

That’s all I have for now. There will be more articles on gun shop etiquette and browsing, shotguns, and fun range day activities.


-Dalton Dey

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