BFD: Large Amount of Internet Requests Meant Longer Message Return Times

Open Letter


To our student communities,

I would first like to apologize for the extreme delay in responses, especially those coming from our email. I realize that there have been many messages that have not been responded too, some of them ranging as far back as a year from this writing. Our inbox has been flooded from various messages regarding internet traffic from other countries, as well as security updates from our website host.

We’ve experienced a large amount of denied entries into the administrative side of our website which triggers an alert email and blocks the source IP web address for a pre-set amount of time. When we performed an IP trace of the attempted entries, we discovered that a large portion of them originate from Russia; thankfully, we log these attempts to deny future access.

With that new information in mind we decided to investigate the reason Black Fox Defense was targeted, whether it be that our website is a part of a mass group selected at random or selected based upon our services rendered. The results from our investigation have determined that both answers are true. The search term “Black Fox Defense” cultivates many results ranging from an Oklahoma Nuclear Power Plant proposal in 1973, a 1962 Documentary called Black Fox: The True Story of Adolf Hitler, and more notably the Malaysian 6×6 and 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle dubbed “Black Fox“.

Our website also boasts an easy contact form so people who are curious and want to send an anonymous message to us are able to; however, due to technology and determination of marketing companies, there are web-crawlers that seek out these easy contact forms and submit advertisements. Our most common of these are for running shoes. This does not excuse the delay for our responses, but I am in high hopes that this information will help reflect our professionalism and dedication to serve the most important people, you. Moving forward we’ve modified our internet security protocols, updated our spam filters, and will be migrating to a business-class email provider.

We sincerely appreciate your time in reading this letter, and hope to make contact with you soon.



Black Fox Defense




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