A Day with a 12 Gauge!!

There alot of guns out there in today’s market.  From 22 caliber handguns to 50 caliber rifles, but the shotgun will always have a special place in my heart. Specifically a 12 gauge. This is because of the guns’ immense versatility, both hunting and defensively speaking.

The amount of uses for a shotgun is never ending; deer hunting, bird hunting, home defense, breaching, self defense, non lethal, and absolutely enjoyment at the range.  I cannot name another category of firearm that has such a vast amount of uses at such a low cost.  Shotguns can range anywhere from $180-$1899 for an standard shotgun.  One may argue with me that my numbers are way off. In reality unless you are buying a limited edition, custom made/engraved, or something extraordinary you will have trouble spending more than $2000.  Which is a good thing.  That means if you are willing to invest $2000 you can have, in my opinion, the nicest tactical shotgun on the market.  The benelli m4 tactical, often referred to the military members as the M1014.  Now am I saying everyone who wants a shotgun should run out and buy this?  Absolutely not!  This is just my personal favorite and I had always wanted one. Really, the best bang for your buckshot (pun intended) is going to cost you about $300-400.  A standard pump action shotgun (such as a remington 870 or a mossberg 500) will be sufficient for all uses.

In conjunction with the versatility of the shotgun, there is also a vast array of ammunition choices.  Slugs, buckshot, and birdshot is what you will find at most stores but it doesn’t stop there.  Specialized rounds for shotguns, such as bean bags, rubber bullets, dragons breath, and incendiary rounds are just the beginning.  This is a big reason I find shotguns so amazing.  Compared to something like an AR15, the shotgun has far more different types of ammunition.

On top of everything else, the shotguns raw power is awesome!! Nothing is more fun that throwing rounds downrange.  Except throwing rounds downrange through a 12 gauge.  The sheer destructive power of most 12 gauge rounds obliterate most targets at the range.  When accompanied by friends who often don’t handle firearms this is always a fun and exciting sight to see.  Not to mention friends often like to boast about shooting the biggest gun you bring with you that day and it’s very fun to laugh and joke about the days events.  Now aside from making sure that proper safety precautions are taken, there is no reason you can’t joke, laugh, and have fun at the range.  That is a whole topic on its own, but it is very important to me that people enjoy themselves while they learn and train.  Why else would you continue if you didn’t have opportunities to have fun?  At Black Fox Defense we will insure all safety precautions are taken and once that is done there is no reason we can’t have fun while you train!


“That’s all I’ve got to say about that!” -Forest Gump

There will later be a video of me talking about shotguns. If you have any questions feel free to message us on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

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